Thousands of miles later…

Since leaving the UK (nearly two weeks ago) we have visited New Jersey, New York, Brooklyn, Niagara Falls, Washington DC and have now reached Las Vegas.

Niagara Falls was like Brighton but a lot colder and with a lot of falling water… Someone needs to teach these people to turn off their taps 😉


At Washington DC we met the world’s biggest power couple…


Some people say they’re a bit waxy but other than being really quiet… I liked them 😉

So that now brings us to Vegas.
The weather is incredible! We’ve gone from -3 to 30 degrees and are browning nicely :-p


We made more friends in one day in Vegas than our whole time in NYC. Although everywhere we go people seem to want to hug us… It’s a bit weird… The chat up lines are also pretty hilarious! We may have met a cannibal as he seemed to think English girls are delicious… See what we’re having to put up with!!!

I’ll let Nicole tell you about Thunder From Down Under and the Calvin Harris pool party… Both were equally insane and have very interesting stories behind them… Haha you’re welcome Hudders :-p

Gotta go, need to top up the sun cream.

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

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